Spencer Hatch stands as both an acclaimed author and a dedicated activist. Having delivered more than 10 lectures across 6 different states, and with "The Other Side of Yesterday" surpassing 10,000 copies sold along with receiving abundant acclaim, Spencer has emerged as a source of inspiration for countless individuals. 

"Faced with an obstructed path, I retraced my steps. I was forced to move in reverse. There was no alternative but to survive, and so I did." -Spencer Hatch

Enduring the challenging years marked by adversity, I emerged from a period of abuse with unwavering resilience. The journey to break free from those tumultuous times instilled in me the profound realization that my life was destined for transformation. This pivotal moment ignited an unyielding determination within me—an unshakeable resolve to defy the events that sought to define me negatively.

With a heart committed to uplifting others, I found my purpose. The shadows of my past did not eclipse my spirit; rather, they fueled my aspiration to be a beacon of hope for those navigating similar struggles. As my story unfolded, I embraced the roles of an author, lecturer, and activist—each avenue a testament to my unshakable desire to effect positive change in the world.

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